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Season’s Greetings to our Valued Stakeholders


While many of us would like to rush the year 2020 to the finish line after such a tumultuous time, I would like to first reflect on the brighter moments of this past year from a Quickie perspective.

Our 51 stores were able to face the unprecedented health and safety challenges of COVID19 “straight on” and provide a clean, safe and friendly shopping visit for all of our friends who have relied on Quickie for 47 years. Your Good Neighbor supporting their good neighborhood.

Our Store Dealers and their respective staff contingent were fully engaged and, fortunately for all of us, healthy and able to this point. We really have GREAT people on our team!

Our truly valued and loyal customers stood by Quickie while we stood by them. That’s why we are here - to serve and look after our friends. 2020 has given us ample opportunity to do that and we are honored and humbled to be the convenience store of choice for thousands upon thousands of you in Eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

We served countless numbers of our front line health care workers on a daily basis. We applaud your commitment and compassion and admire your resilience. Thank you for counting on us while thousands counted on you.

Our Corporate Office and Store Operations colleagues were on the job every day making sure our stores got the support they needed so they could support our customers the way they deserved and expected.

I am grateful beyond words for the stellar company owners and the proud and committed colleagues that we have.

We wish our valued stakeholders – teammates, colleagues, customers, and suppliers - the greatest of health, happiness and peace this holiday season. May the days be brighter and the laughter louder!

Paul Wiseman

Vice President & General Manager