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Quickie Convenience Stores

   Quickie began its life in 1973 with a single store located at Shoppers City East in Ottawa's east end. It Quickly grew (pun intended) to 4 stores in the Ottawa-Gatineau area operating under the Pinto Store banner. The Head Office at the time was located in the basement of the owner's home. It was in this basement that the decision was taken to rename the chain "Quickie" and the rest is history!

   Quickie is still proudly Canadian with its Head Office still located in Ottawa although we've long ago outgrown the basement offices. Quickie currently operates 51 stores, most of which are in the greater Ottawa-Gatineau area but we also have stores in Kemptville, Smiths Falls, Cornwall, Kingston, Brockville and Merrickville. Quickie stores offer not only the traditional convenience store items like bread, milk and lottery, but we also have gas stations, branded restaurants, post offices and banking services. For a full range of services available at your nearest Quickie, we encourage you to click on the Store Locator Link.

   The owners of Quickie believe in giving back to the communities we serve. It is our home after all and we feel strongly that you build a strong community by helping your friends and neighbours unconditionally. After raising in excess of 2.1 million dollars in support of CHEO and several Ottawa area hospitals, Quickie was awarded the Philanthropy Award by the Ottawa Fundraising Executives Association. We also like to support those charities that do great work for the community but may not have the same profile as a large institution. To see the complete list of the hardworking groups we support, please click on the Charity Link.

   Quickie would like to thank you for taking time to find out more about our organization and if you have some specific questions you'd like answered, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Contact Link and using any one of the several methods which best suit you.

Your Good Neighbour

Age-Restricted Products

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   At Quickie Convenience Stores, we take our slogan "Your Good Neighbour" very seriously. We have a vigorous program to ensure that Age-Restricted products from our stores never make it into the hands of your children!

   All staff are fully trained using an industry-developed online training program, and are provided with a clear procedure to follow on every Age-Restricted transaction. We utilize not one, but TWO independent mystery shopper companies to verify compliance. Every store in our chain is test shopped every month, with significant penalties applied should any store fail.(We consider the shop a "fail" if an employee does not follow our exact Age-Restricted sales procedure, even if an under-age sale is not made!)

   We also believe strongly in rewarding good behaviour. We provide five monthly prize draws totalling $1500 to those employees who perfectly executed our procedure in the monthly test shop. For June, employees at our Somerset, Caldwell, Stonehaven, Mann Avenue and Clyde locations won cash!

   When you shop for an Age-Restricted product in any of our stores, we will be looking closely to see if you appear to be less then 30 years of age. If you do, we will ask you for an approved form of ID, we will verify that it is legitimate, and we will electronically read your date of birth before we begin the transaction. ONLY the date is read, and NO information is stored on our registers! This can be a challenging job for our employees, so we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

   We are committed to continually improving our execution around the sale of all Age-Restricted products, and while we are proud of our past record, we will not rest until we are consistently perfect! For the month of June all but one of our 51 stores were perfect in ALL aspects of their execution for a pass rate of 98%. More efforts are needed to get back to 100%.

Pass Rate

Customer Service - Strive For Excellence

   At Quickie Convenience Stores we recognize that you have many shopping options available to you. We understand that you want fast and efficient service, and we firmly believe that we can provide that experience without compromising on Customer Service and Store Standards.

   In addition to our monthly Age-Restricted test shops, we also perform another monthly Mystery Shop at each location to evaluate our Customer Service behaviours. Fast, friendly service and professional appearance are keys to maintaining great scores. 44 stores had perfect scores in June, for an overall average of 96.5%

CONGRATULATIONS to the 44 TOP Achievers with 100%

100% Stores - JUNE 2021
01 - Aylmer02 - Brockville03 - Caldwell04 - Place-Riel
05 - Elgin07 - Sacré Coeur08 - LC12 - DuBarry
15 - Craig Henry16 - McCarthy17 - Poulin18 - Templeton
19 - Bilberry20 - Fisher21 - Gatineau/Greber24 - Pearl
25 - Bay/Albert26 - Gilmour28 - St. Laurent29 - Watters
30 - Bath Road31 - Kemptville32 - Barrhaven33 - Merrickville
35 - Conroy36 - Mont Bleu37 - Taché39 - Brookdale
40 - Kennevale41 - Central42 - Smiths Falls43 - Hunt Club
45 - Stonehaven48 - Mann50 - Bronson51 - Rideau
52 - Richmond53 - Bank/Grove54 - Beechwood56 - Parkdale
57 - rue Main58 - Clyde60 - Somerset61 - Walkley