We Are Canadian

Two Canadian families…

The best in fuel meets the best in convenience. Two family-run businesses with 100 years of fuel and convenience experience are ready to take you on a new retail road trip. The Quickie and MacEwen brands have a strong legacy in Ontario and Quebec, and we are excited to build on that as we reveal our new Quickie 2.0 brand. Our vision for the future is to enhance the customer service experience so you can find the products you crave at the right time, in the right place, and at your favourite location. We will do this through many new modernizations and enhancements of our retail stores. So, jump in and buckle up –  it’s going to be a great ride!

We Support
Our Community

We believe in giving back to the communities we serve. It is our home after all and we feel strongly about contributing locally by helping friends and neighbours.

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Thanks for hopping by! Meet SnackRabbit, our new Quickie mascot.

Playing on the term “jackrabbit”, but with a twist to embody the fast, fun, and friendly new vibe of our Quickie brand, our new mascot has been given a name. The brand’s long-forgotten bunny rabbit icon has been resurrected in a new, contemporary form that’s seamlessly integrated into the logo. It serves as a beacon for the brand and is the essence that the new Quickie experience is built around. Catch us if you can as SnackRabbit launches our new social pages and hops through each new store opening. The refreshed look and tasty new snacks will keep you coming back for more.