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General Manager of Quickie reacts to Kathleen Wynne's comments of March 14


General Manager of Quickie reacts to Premier Wynne’s comments of March 14

The convenience store industry has never officially asked the Ontario government to sell cannabis in its stores, yet on March 14, Ontario Premier Wynne felt the need to score political points by saying that if allowed, corner stores would market cannabis next to candy bars. 

Privatizing pot sales is a “reckless” idea, says Premier Kathleen Wynne after Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford mused about making such a move.

“I think that a lot of parents would have concerns about cannabis being available beside candy bars in corner stores,” Wynne told reporters Wednesday.

Wynne went on to say:

“There would be a recklessness to doing what Doug Ford is suggesting. My priority is the safety of young people.”

Ford has suggested that he’d prefer a free market when it comes to marijuana sales.

Convenience store owners, managers and employees around the province should take careful note of Wynne's comments because in essence she is saying that they can't be trusted to sell age restricted products.  In making these comments, Wynne is also implying that they are less trustworthy and less capable than grocery store employees, beer store employees and LCBO employees even though in tests done by independent third party mystery shoppers, convenience store chains scored a success rate of almost 96%, beating out both the Beer Store and the LCBO.


She thought that these cheap shots would hit Doug Ford but they have missed the mark and instead, they have turned into a drive-by shooting of the 70,000 extraordinary and hard-working people who are directly employed by the convenience store industry.